Phone as Gamepad

Phone as Gamepad

How to use Android Phone as Gamepad for Android TV, Phone & VR  

Bluetooth Gamepad

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How this Works?

Gamepad for VR/TV is a Bluetooth based Application which turns your Android Phone into Gamepad.

This Application must be installed on both the Devices (Displaying & Gamepad Device).

This Application changes the keyboard of the Displaying Device(TV) from Default keyboard (Google keyboard) to Bluetooth Gamepad Keyboard (This app). This means the values which are taken from gamepad(Android Phone) are converted into another set of values which would click on the Desired Buttons on the screen(TV).


Follow the steps given below! for the Installation process:-
  • Use another App called “Send Files to TVif you wish to share this apk file to TV from Phone.
  • Download & Install this application on both the Displaying & gamepad device (TV & Phone).
  • On Displaying device head over to Keyboard settings from Phone’s Settings and change the default keyboard to Bluetooth gamepad keyboard.
  • Now, Pair the devices via Bluetooth.
  • Launch this application, click on Displaying Device in TV & Gamepad on Phone.
  • That’s All! Happy Gaming!!
Installation process for other than Android TV :-

You can use this application for VR and also for phones just by following the same process which is written above. In short, download the same application on both of the android devices, then on displaying device choose “DISPLAYING DEVICE” and on other phone choose “GAMEPAD” that’s all you are now done with the setup.

Supported Apps :-

we tried to use this application on various apps and we have found some best results. This application was even able to run on normal android UI at the time of selecting apps. But this app will work properly with those apps which have only four buttons to play the game/run the app. In other scenarios where the desired application needs more than four buttons then the app works but not perfectly, which means some of the buttons doesn’t work or we can even say only four buttons will work.

BT Controller

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