Oxygen OS 11 Stable for OnePlus Nord, Feb End-The End??

OXYGEN OS 11 Stable Update on OnePlus Nord  
  • OnePlus has been kind enough to provide its users with the Android 11 update to OnePlus 8 Pro users soon after the operating system was launched by Google. However, OnePlus Nord users have been eagerly waiting for the update for quite some time now. Now the official announcement suggests that OnePlus Nord is going to get oxygen 11 in the last week of February.
  • Thee improvements are yet the same as mentioned earlier in the article. Apart from offering android 11, OnePlus has worked on its fluid operating system to give its users a smoother experience, and also the new update addresses a few issues relating to the camera, messaging app, and SIM slot. The number of UI glitches, as well as smaller issues, have been polished.

The main features of Oxygen OS 11: –   
  • Always on display function. 
  • Android 11 
  • New clock styles, including one created with the help of Parsons School of Design
  • Addition of 5 new themes to the Zen mode, which are, Ocean, Grassland, Space, and two more. 
  • Optimized stability of third-party applications. 
  • Improved UI. 
  • Improved weather UI that supports switches between sunrise and sunset. 
  • New gaming tools box, with easy access to access Fnaticmode. 
Display: –    

Coming to the display there will be no significant changes from the OnePlus 8 to OnePlus Nord when it is released just to give users a look at what ambident Display looks like on OnePlus 8T. 

Performance: –  
  • Oxygen OS is the best user interface which has a perfect balance of Stock Android features and innovative customizations from OnePlus which are beneficial.
  • Oxygen OS 11 is based on Android 11 which is the latest version of Oxygen OS which is faster, smoother, and smarter than ever before having the latest features that make, One-handed operations easier. 
Improved readability in Oxygen OS 11: –  

However, to improve the reading experience, OnePlus has added a new Sans font in OxygenOS 11. The new font has wider spacing and an improved typeface. You can choose the new Sans font by visiting the Customization menu in the Settings. Therefore, the font looks cleaner and focuses on making content more visible to the eyes for reading purposes.  

Final verdict: –  

OnePlus has always been known for being clean, sleek, striking, and offering users a more impressive and smarter experience. The AOD features encourage its users to keep down their phones and therefore enjoy their life a bit.  






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