OnePlus Band – A New Opener

OnePlus Band

OnePlus has finally entered into the popular wearables segment, which is exclusively launched in India. The OnePlus Band is a fitness band that has exclusive features such as Heart-rate monitoring, Sleep tracking & Blood oxygen level tracker which is a key measure of your overall health. It shows how much oxygen is delivered to your body and how well your body has absorbed it. The OnePlus Band allows for on-demand daytime spot checks, continuous sleep monitoring and blood oxygen saturation. So let’s see all these features in detail.

Display: – 
  • The OnePlus Band has a 1.1-inch, 126×294 pixel AMOLED touchscreen. The touchscreen performance is really good even though you get a limited touch surface but you can still navigate with the UI easily and OnePlus band has also got three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and an optical heart-rate sensor. Moreover, OnePlus has 13 exercises modes such as Indoor run, Outdoor run, Badminton, cricket, etc.  
  • The OnePlus Band does not have an always-on display. However, OnePlus does provide one of the best ‘raise to wake’ detections that anyone could experience. 
  • OnePlus lets you disable the Raise to wake gesture or set it to only operate within certain hours. Thus, If you have this band worn while sleeping then the screen won’t often light up. This makes sense as the gesture doesn’t work well when you’re lying down.
Features: – 
  • One of the main features of OnePlus Band is its fitness tracking capability, OnePlus band can keep a track of the activity by counting your steps throughout the day. It also alerts you if you sit for too long or If you have to work out. The band can track multiple activities including outdoor run, indoor run, etc. If you‘re into sports, the band can also track movements during cricket and badminton. 
  • The second main feature is its built-in heart-rate monitor which can be checked at regular intervals and all these data can also be viewed on your smartphone. 
  • OnePlus band comes with IP68 water & dust resistance which is what people wanted from the company.
  • Lastly, OnePlus Band also keeps the tracks of your sleeping patterns, including deep sleep and light sleep, and also checks your SpO2 levels periodically.

Battery: – 
  • The OnePlus Band claims to have 14 days of battery life. Every time you charge the band, it requires to pop the tracker out of its strap. Considering that you only have to do this about once in a week.
  • Finally, there 37 watch faces. Some of them have sensible and aesthetically pleasing designs. The OnePlus Band allows storing up to 5 watch faces on the band, which makes it easy to switch between your favourite watch faces. This is an improvement over other brands, which usually can store only one watch face.
Final Verdict: – 
  • The activity and fitness features are all quite satisfactory for the price. Heart-rate monitoring and sleep tracking features also works well. Additionally, OnePlus Band has SpO2 monitoring. Overall, the OnePlus Band is a solid first offering from OnePlus in the wearable’s category.

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