Java VS Python – Which one to go?

Java and Python are the two most popular computer languages. Both the languages are easily adaptable and flexible, although selecting a programming language usually depends on the developer’s use case. It might be difficult to decide which programming language is better. Let’s talk about their features, cons and more.

Introduction :

Java was founded by James Gosling on 23 May 1995 and is a part of Oracle. Java’s unique feature is “WORA” (write once run anywhere) which means a Java code which is compiled on one platform can run on other platforms without being recompiled.

Python was founded by Guido van Rossum in the early 1990s and is owned by Python software foundation. Python has a simple and easy to learn syntax which emphasizes readability.

Features :

Java is widely preferred for developing desktop applications, embedded applications, data processing, mobile and web apps & enterprise-level solutions. Java has frameworks like servlet, spring, JSP, hibernate, spring boot which has enabled a huge surge in Java’s popularity among developers.

Python has a wide range of uses including web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, networking modules. Some of the globally known applications such as YouTube, DropBox, etc. uses Python for there functionality.

Code Readability (Syntax) :

A Java program is a simple way to communicate with a computer in order to do a task for us. Every programming language has certain rules and regulations that a programmer needs to follow while writing programs. If you want to be a master in any programming language, you need to first understand the basic syntax and semantic rules, along with the various constraints and mathematical operations.

Above is a basic java syntax used while writing a program of the calculator.

A syntax of any language refers to the structure of that language which includes a certain set of rules. Python’s syntax is easy to write and has made it one of the most used languages among the freshers and as well as experts.

Above is a basic Python syntax used while writing a program of the adding two numbers.

Compiler :

A Compiler is used to translate computer code from one language to another language. Java acts as both compiler and interpreter. Java uses various types of compilers  & some of them are :


•Free Pascal

•Eclipse Compiler for Java (ECJ)


•JDoodle. and many more.

Python acts as an interpreted language and also uses various types of a compiler such as:-



•Stackless Python.

•PyJS (also known as Pyjamas).


Jobs and  Income :

Java is in high demand because of its platform-independent nature. If you are an expert in Java then no doubt top MNC’s will offer jobs with a huge package. An average Java developer’s income in India is around ₹400K per annum. Income could go as low as ₹200K & if you are an expert then it could jump up to ₹1M per annum depending on factors like location, experience level, company profile, etc. Companies are always on the lookout for good Java developers.

Even python is in high demand. Mindfire Solutions, STX Next, Merixstudio, etc are the top companies which have a high demand for Python Developers. The average income of an entry-level Python developer in India is around ₹400K, for mid-level Python developer income in India is around ₹0.9M and for an experienced Python developer income in India is ₹1.1M depending upon the Experience, Location, Job Role, Skillset, etc.

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