Hospet Groceries

How To Install Hospet Groceries :-

Today we have a new application that we are excited to share with you all guys, its “Hospet Groceries” shopping will be convenient than ever before, now let’s see how to download Hospet Groceries.

  • Step 1:- Download the apk file given below and install the application, it may ask you to turn on unknown resources from the security, just turn it on, presently this is in beta version and it will also be launched on the Google play store soon.
  • Step 2: -Check and accept the privacy policy to get
  • Step 3: -Now you’re all set to start shopping and not be
    worried, the no-contact delivery and sanitization and
    many such features will ensure that your safety is our top

Now privacy is our top priority and for that our app doesn’t ask you any permissions such as location and not even storage, and the information we gather about our customers are stored in the heavily protected server’s so that your data is safe.

Now it’s time to leave but we promise in the time of pandemic we ensure your safety and the products you ordered are reached in the shortest time possible.

Stay home and stay safe...

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