Let’s start from the starting days when the gaming was not introduced. The first arcade machine was released by Dr Edward Uhler Condon at the New York World’s Fair in 1940. The game was based on ancient mathematics. The spread of games was not rapid at that time. Gradually the craze of gaming was so high that people started making it a career. Technology is always progressing and gaming is often a part where we see a lot of new kinds of stuff.

Present gaming technology

Playing games has been a part of our daily life. Nowadays people have come across many gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStations, phones, PC, VR (Virtual Reality), and many more. When you visit any gaming hub all you may have seen many virtual reality games.

Because of the craze of gaming, many mobile companies have launched gaming phones in which some features are unique from other mobile phones. These gaming phones have more size of RAM and easy to handle as it provides better grip. The number of gamers in India has increased a lot because of the rise of smartphone penetration. Another reason is that enhanced internet connectivity merged with telecom infrastructure in the country. Not only in India but there are many more countries where the revenue of gamers has a rise in the past few years.
Some of the casual games like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, Talking Tom, and PUBG are becoming popular games in India.
Some games are addictive and cannot be get ridden easily. People are forced by themselves to play more and more games and spend their time. Sometimes this addictiveness starts killing a person by mentally or makes a person’s psychological imbalance. So the gaming industry trying to reduce the addictiveness.

Artificial Intelligence in gaming

As you know the Artificial Intelligence is helping our generation in many ways, now Artificial Intelligence is being used in gaming. The idea of AI has been expressed in gaming from the past few decades — most prominently in non-player characters (NPCs).

Another set of examples in which artificial intelligence is used in gaming: Space Invaders (1978) gave an early example that computer-controlled opponents can be brought into the game and Chess in which we can play against humans as well as computer-controlled opponents.

You may know that ESports, one of the topmost gaming industry which conducts ESports where millions of people gathered to see how the Gamers play the game and thousands of people participate in these events.
With improvements in technology and the growth of Esports, video games have finally taken the centre stage. With that growth, the need for smart and creative video game designers, developers, and artists has risen to an all-time high. People invest a lot of money on games.

Advantages of Playing online games

In this modern age, not only kids but adults and youngsters are enjoying playing online games. Games are not harmful until and unless it becomes addictive to a person. Online games are not only for entertainment and spending, time but also for learning and exploring new things. You may have learnt many things from playing online games such as focusing, having patience, alertness, etc…

Disadvantages of Playing online games

You may have heard about the game called Pokemon go right? These games were trending on the internet and people were being addicted to the game. We all saw how many people, rushed on roads and even accidents took place! Playing games is not bad but sometimes it becomes addictive and this addictiveness makes a person uncontrollable.

Experts have predicted that gaming technology will increase rapidly in the upcoming decades.

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