Android 12 Apps for any Android Smartphone: Download them!!

Android 12 Apps for any Android Smartphone

Android 12 Beta 5 is the last beta update before the official Android 12 release, coming in the weeks ahead. Now is the time to make sure Android 12 apps (Gapps) are ready! Beta 5 is a release candidate build that you can use for your final testing and now we have the Ported apps that run with the “MATERIAL YOU” design on any Android version. We have been using this for a few days. Now, as we all know this “Material YOU” is the next evolution of Google’s design language for the year, and it brings the neat ability to customize colours to match your wallpaper. This primarily affects system elements, but app developers can also tap into them.

Now, let’s look into some of the apps which run Material You!! (Works with all Android Smart Phones)

Google Calculator :

G-calculator perhaps the most teased redesign was Google Calculator, an update that finally arrived in version 8.0. Google adding in several colours for a truly beautiful design. is a shining example of what Material You brings to the table for apps.

android 12 apps
Google Clock :

G-clock also released alongside Android 12 Beta 5 was the Material You redesign for the Google Clock app. This update doesn’t change the layout of the app at all, but introduces splashes of colour throughout the design and buttons, and incorporates more than one colour in the UI. The update also brings some fantastic widgets.

android 12 apps
Gmail :

There aren’t any major changes in terms of layout or design in the Gmail app. But, Google has added the “Material You” design for buttons to give its Flavours. 

android 12 apps
android 12 apps
Google Photos:

Google has clearly understood how their users customize their desktops in the physical and digital worlds with images that are personal and provide comfort and joy. On this insight, they have built this to generate unique Material palettes for everyone, derived from a personal signal-wallpaper. It also makes it easy to adapt to different screen sizes and types.

android 12 apps
android 12 apps

The apps we used for testing are ported apps that can be used on any android version. Use the above Buttons to download the apps. Join our Telegram Channel & Discussion Group from here.

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