Google has released its updated version of Android that is Android  11.  It is the upcoming 18th version and 11th major release of the Android mobile operating system. The logo of android 11 featured a dial that turned into 11.

Features of Android 11


1. Rebuilt Notification:-

Notification is divided into categories in android 11. They are subdivided into three categories they are:- conversation, silent and alert. You can also go to settings and find your notification history.

2. Security:-

The security of private apps and conversations are more secured. They are much protected as compared to their previous Android versions.

3. Power button:-

When you long-press the power button,  it allows accessing of your credit/ debit cards which are synced with your Google Pay account as well as it controls Google Home devices.

4. Do Not Disturb:-

You can customise which app should go through do not disturb. This mode can be used when you are disturbed or irritated with a specific application.

5. Recent  Apps:-  

When you open recent apps you will find the recent app as well as some options to Screenshot, Share or Select an application, which was not available on previous Android versions. Once you take a screenshot you will not find any popups in notification bar instead it displays a preview picture at the bottom left corner of your screen where you can edit or share your screenshot. When you choose to share a screenshot, a share sheet appears where you can share your screenshot in recently used social media applications or other applications. When you click select, it will show you what text is selectable so that you can directly copy the text.

6. Location permission:-

So there is more preference given to location permission in android 11.

The app asks for three different options:-

  • While using the app
  • Only this time
  • Deny

You may go deep into the location permission it will ask you every time or whenever you want.

7. Bubbles:-

Bubbles are similar to Facebook Messengers “chat heads”  feature.  When activated bubble, it will appear on the screen, no matter what app you are using.  Tap on the bubble and it will open a  small window for you to read and send new messages in that thread,  without fully opening the app.  You can drag the  Bubble around your screen, or drag it to the bottom of the screen to delete it.

8. Schedule dark mode:- 

Schedule dark mode can automatically turn on or turn off itself based on the time. You can either configure custom times or have the mode enable and disable itself based on the local sunset and sunrise times.


The latest phones will have android 11 are

  • All pixel Devices
  • All Flagship Devices

Android 11 is being tested and still released official. Google has an official announced that Android  11  will be released in the month of June but due to global pandemics, it has been postponed further.

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